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Welcome to the NB Foster families Association website.  Feel free to browse our website to find out just what our NBFFA is composed of.   You can find our Constitution, standards, etc. Each region is represented by Directors and you can find out just whom your director is.  Also is a list of contacts including the executive, you can reach them by e-mail at any time. We, the foster families, on the executive and directors are volunteers who are ready and able to be displaced to work for the children and the foster families in the province.  Countless weekends are given up by these volunteers so we can give the children what they deserve.  We work with Government through our Liaison, so that regional disparity is at a minimum.  We provide some of the training, at our AGM, to facilitate foster families in providing education to help them provide the care that the children deserve. I would like to thank the executive and directors for everything they have done over the years and look forward to positive results in the future for fostering. We are considered the "Front line social workers", as we have these children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore we need all the training we can get to provide this one on one intervention We urge the local Associations to build a good relationship with your local Department and also with the NBFFA through your director.  Any and all concerns are addressed at our quarterly meetings held in Fredericton in January, April, August and our AGM is normally in October. We are urgently in need of Foster Families and ask all families if they could try to encourage other families to "Make a difference in the lives of Foster children".   I would also like to thank all the "Natural Children" of the foster parents for sharing your home, sharing your parents, sharing the love, sharing your toys and sometimes your bedroom.  We really appreciate the effort you make in opening your home to give these children in care a place they can call "Home". Raymond Englehart President
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