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The enhancement of the quality of the foster care system has been one of the primary objectives of the New

Brunswick Foster Families Association (N.B.F.F.A.) since its inception.  As the collective voice for foster families

in New Brunswick, the N.B.F.F.A. has heard the need for improved assistance and support services for many of

the issues foster families face today.

The N.B.F.F.A. recognizes that foster families continue to face many new challenges with the children in their care

as well as the increased expectations of the Department. 

For this reason the N.B.F.F.A supports the development of Foster Assistance and Support Teams (F.A.S.T.)

throughout the province.

Foster Assistance and Support Teams have been developed to provide confidential assistance and/or support

to foster families by way of education and/or team member intervention in some of the following areas:

Communications:  Some foster families may require support  to articulate their concerns in an effective manner.

Provision of Services: Situations arise that requires support on behalf of foster families  .

Allegation of Abuse/Neglect:  Foster families may at some time face the prospect of being investigated due to

an allegation  and may require support.

Rights and Responsibilities: clarify the rights and responsibilities of foster families, foster children and Department.

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