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c. Secretary: i. Assists in the co-ordination of programs as developed by the Executive, Directors and members to promote and implement policies and objectives of the Association. ii. Circulates program criteria to members and public. iii. Co-ordinates the production of the Association's publications and assists in the preparation of publicity releases. iv. With the approval of the executive, organizes committees and aids them in attaining  objectives. v. Maintains official records. vi. Assists in the preparation of Association's reports. vii. Maintains an accurate record of all organizations meetings and distributes minutes of said meetings within 30 days of the next meeting. viii. Assists in answering correspondence for the Association. ix. Makes arrangements for the Association's meetings and assists in the preparation  of agendas and gives notice of the Association's meetings. x. Assures the availability of the Association's approved policy statements and regulations to the Executive, Directors and membership General and to other persons or groups with interests in the Association. xi. Acts as custodian of the Association's documents, contracts, minutes, and all general records other than those kept by the Treasurer. xii. Maintains current register of names and addresses of all members and keeps membership directory up to date xiii. At the end of term of office, turns over all records in an up to date and orderly fashion